Crowd Grow Maxi


  • Medicinal cannabis Mini Lease farm
  • Crowd Grow modular Container lab units

Crowd Grow Maxi


Medicinal cannabis Mini Lease farm

Your own piece of highly profitable cannabis land in
the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Your piece of land will be used to cultivate high quality cannabis.
The piece of land is managed by cannabis cultivation experts and will start to generate profit in as little as 4 months (120 days)

Our professional Agri experts optimize your mini cannabis farm through a combination of
isolate oil extract, seed cultivation and much more to give you far above market returns


Crowdgrow modular Container lab units

State of the art high security Medicinal Marijuana grow lab in modular farm type units.

Minimum of 80 medicinal cannabis plants.

1 year lease – 4 harvest cycles per year.
Return in excess of 40% on capital participation
Price is all inclusive there are ZERO hidden costs.

Each owners unique Crowd Grow Mini is positioned securely in our container to create a safe environment and a fully mobile farm unit.


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