Crowd Grow Mega


Grow Lab Container

  • 40ft State of the art cannabis grow container.
  • Minimum of 80 medicinal cannabis plants.
  • 4 harvest cycles per year.
  • Price is all inclusive there are ZERO hidden costs.
  • 1 year lease.
  • Guaranteed sale of all biomass
  • Return in excess of 40% on capital participation

A state of-the-art, environmentally optimized growing system for growing high quality specialty crops, specifically leaf crops, including many varieties of herbs. This will be done with the Crowd Grow Container Lab, utilizing the most recent technology in soilless, hydroponic growing technology to produce high quality cannabis. This is in response to a tremendous need that exists for superior quality, high crop yields in a completely secure and monitored growing systems environment. These benefits cannot be achieved by field growing methods.


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Crowd Grow Maxi, Mini are made up on order confirmation from clients. Crowd Grow Mini lease farms are part of our existing going concern operations. Agri-Culture holdings through its Kingdom of Lesotho company holds equity stakes in multiple existing Medicinal cannabis Grow operations or companies. Under its own Lesotho cannabis license the Mobile farm units are developed. The pictures below are for illustration purposes.

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