Crowd Grow Home


Everything you need to create the perfect environment for cannabis plants.
Just add seed, soil and water!

Auto Grow Box Contains:

– Waterproof Wi-Fi remote viewing camera
– Super quiet exhaust fan
– Easy to read soil moisture meter
– Child-proof magnetic locks
– Digital thermometer and humidity module
– Internal chambers with temperature regulating fans
– Specialized carbon scrubber
– Fabric pot for better root oxygenation
– Full Spectrum cannabis LED grow light
– 25″ length x 25″ width x 54″ height
– Uses less than 200 watts of electricity per day


Designed with auto-flowering seeds in mind with yields
of about 4 ounces (113 grams) of dried cannabis every 4 months (120 days)
Advanced growers can still use clones from vegging mother plants allowing them to harvest every 2 months (60 days)

Growing cannabis in the Auto Grow Box contained system is beneficial for a ton of different reasons. For one thing, it gives medical patients a higher control over the quality of their medicine while also reducing the long-term costs of medicating with cannabis. However, there are a ton of other benefits to the system.

Compact: The Auto Grow Box is lighter and even more compact than traditional grow tents and boxes used by cannabis gardeners and indoor enthusiasts. The Auto Grow Box is narrow and only stands a few feet tall, making it extremely transportable. Unlike grow tents, it doesn’t protrude and stick out from the wall taking up a bunch of space. As a space-saving solution, the Auto Grow Box can adapt to apartments, bedrooms, and closets. The Auto Grow Box is a small piece of furniture, it can even be used in basements, garages, hallways and foyers.

Complete: The Auto Grow Box takes the complicated set-up out of cannabis cultivation by throwing everything you’ll need for your grow in the cabinet itself. It includes fans and filters for air quality and ventilation as well as high-quality LED grow lights, a reflective interior and locking capabilities. Unlike many grow boxes, the Auto Grow Box also comes with a few additional bells and whistles; including a timer for the lights, a waterproof Wi-Fi camera, soil moisture meter, humidity, temperature gauges, hygrometer, carbon air scrubber and a fabric pot that boosts your yields by encouraging root growth. All you’ll need to get separately is cannabis seeds or clones and good growing medium.

Discreet: The Auto Grow Box looks like an ordinary piece of furniture, so it easily flies under the radar. It’s inconspicuous, keeps the smell in and fits in like an ordinary piece of furniture.
Best of all, the Auto Grow Box is equipped with child-proof magnetic locks adding an extra layer of safety and protection to your garden.

Adaptable: The environment you create inside the Armoire is easy to adjust, making it possible for you to grow more than just beginner strains. You can use the Auto Grow Box to nurture your crop from seed to maturity by tweaking the conditions inside, such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The Auto Grow Box gives growers more control over the environment every step of the way, making it possible for them to produce high yielding and high quality buds.

Economical: While the Auto Grow Box has a hefty price tag and upfront cost for starting up, it comes complete with everything you need to grow the best cannabis. Instead of buying each component individually, you can save money by purchasing an all-in-one system that will provide you with years of reliable service. It may be a significant up front cost, but in the long run, it’s economical. You’ll start making money on the system after about 20 months, though you can expect everything inside to work for years.

Controls Odor: cannabis cultivation stinks, even if it’s in a good way. If you’re trying to grow weed discreetly, you’ll want to use a grow cabinet with a built-in carbon air scrubber like the Auto Grow Box. The carbon (charcoal) filter inside scrubs the smell  of cannabis out of the air and makes it possible for you to exhaust the cabinet with no distinct, pungent cannabis smell blowing into your home. The Auto Grow Box keeps the pungent smells captive, increasing discretion.

Effective: The Auto Grow Box provides the ideal conditions for cannabis, making it possible for you to yield a quarter pound (4 oz or 113 grams) every 4 months (60 days) on average.
The same yields can be achieved by advanced growers every 60  days. As a self-contained system, you don’t have to worry about your environment, pests or mold when growing.
The Auto Grow Box makes it possible for you to produce bigger, more potent flowers with less day-to-day maintenance. Best of all, you can run the Auto Grow Box system year-round at an arm’s length away.


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